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Piers Morgan gets blasted for ignorant ‘right’ to bear arms tweet

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Upon learning that George Zimmerman was armed — legally — when he was pulled over for speeding in Texas earlier in the week, CNN’s Piers Morgan took to Twitter to express his dismay.

The notoriously anti-gun British journalist re-tweeted a CBS entry reporting the incident, mocking Zimmerman’s “right.” Via Twitchy:

Perhaps confused that he is no longer in the United Kingdom, where it’s illegal to carry a gun, Morgan was quickly brought back to reality by Twitter users, as is so often the case.

Either way, perhaps he’ll learn not to mess with Texas.


However, it would seem the “tweet of the day” was from user S.M. who reminded us of the shameful actions of the media throughout the ordeal surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin.

And Zimmerman’s brother Robert weighed in on the consequences of those shameful actions.

Tom Tillison


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