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Leno: Lewinsky audio ‘back before you could take a picture of your junk’

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Jay Leno got a big kick out of the sudden return of the Bill Cinton, Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Referencing an alleged 15 year-old audio “sex” tape that has been reportedly leaked to the National Enquirer, Leno said:

With all these scandals surrounding Anthony Weiner and the San Diego mayor Bob Filner, it’s nice to see an old pro come out of retirement and show these guys how it’s done. When you think about it — you know, that’s kind of sweet and charming don’t you think, an audiotape? That’s what people had to do back then before you could take a picture of your junk, you had to — then you had to make a word picture and send it to someone. They had to listen to it and figure out what it was about.

Here’s a clip, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:



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