James Woods: Obama lackeys, like CNN, may finally turn on him

james-woods1Actor James Woods‘ latest Twitter commentary centered on the fact that the mainstream media is finally waking up to the fact that the Sept. 11 terrorist operation directed against a U.S. foreign mission is a very real Obama-Clinton scandal.

Chief White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that Benghazi was one of at least two of the “phony scandals” the president referred to on July 24 that he said were distracting him “from growing our economy and strengthening the middle class.”

And indeed, with the exception of Fox News and a single CBS investigative reporter — Sharyl Attkisson — the 8-hour attack on our consulate and security annex in Benghazi, Libya, has been ignored my the press — until recently.

CNN disclosed Aug. 1 the fact that its senior international correspondent, Arwa Damon, interviewed Benghazi suspected ringleader Ahmed Abu Khattala for a full two hours while the FBI ignored him.

The following day, CNN reported that the CIA agents who were on site during the ordeal were ordered to keep quiet to the media and Congress.

None of this was lost on Woods, who offered his observations to his Twitter followers.


So much for “phony scandals.” Woods immediately followed that tweet with another. getting more specific and naming names.


Both tweets brought forth a spate of replies:






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8 thoughts on “James Woods: Obama lackeys, like CNN, may finally turn on him

  1. Tish says:

    Well said my fellow informed Americans ..The founders thought it so vital to have an informed electorate..they put freedom of the press at number 1 in the bill of rights..

  2. Joe Hallfrisch says:

    Tish, right you are, but they never imagined that the press would take the side of government over the people.

    1. Dave Henry says:

      I’m afraid this was EXACTLY their fear.

  3. AJsMom says:

    It is always about money and power people !! Have enough dirt on someone, they stay quiet. They have the power – pay them off to shut them up. It’s about time we have enough 60’s style ralleys with signs – SHOWING our government we won’t put up with their shenanigans!

  4. Richard Good says:

    CNN needs to make a choice .
    Support Obama without any questions.
    Support the survival of CNN.

  5. Janson Smithers says:

    Benghazi discharge petition announced, Stockman to force action on Benghazi investigation


  6. Kenneth Clark says:

    MSM coupled with Spines is an OXY-moron. Jellyfish have no spine to stiffen.

  7. Jerry says:

    Remember when Barry Husatan Obama was first elected. Many news organizations were about to fail. Husatan gave them all bailout money. Now the newspapers are paying Husatan back by supporting demoncrats.

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