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‘Urgent’ Obamacare tweak creates outrageous exemption for Congress

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One of the perks of working for a lawmaker during a reign of lawlessness is that the laws they make don’t apply to you.

At least not the same way they do to the rest of the country.

obamacarecapitolThat gets clearer every day under the Obama administration, as it stumbles its way toward the socialized medicine experiment known as Obamacare and daily is forced to come up with ways to make sure the despised law doesn’t apply to the very people that are responsible for its existence.

Under a plan reported late Thursday in Politico, the Office of Personnel Management, the bureaucracy in charge of human resources for the federal government, has decided taxpayers will cover the cost of congressional staffers health insurance premiums, even though they are purchased through the new insurance exchanges being set up for individuals buying health insurance on their own because they can’t get it from their employer.

Until the OPM plan was announced – with the very personal involvement of President Obama, according to Politico – congressional staffs were looking at a huge increase in their out-of-pocket payments for health insurance.

The biggest problem, according to Politico, is that members of Congress feared a “brain drain” as the most experienced legislative aides left for the private sector because of the impositions of Obamacare.

So the damage Obamacare is poised to inflict on the American economy is sustainable, but Congress must act to exempt its own employees from it lest the government itself be left incapable of functioning? Either they’re really fool enough to really believe that, or they think we are. (And they aren’t fools.)

And the best part of all, the president of the United States himself, the man who said, “if you like your health-care plan, you will be able to keep your health-care plan,” had to step in to make sure some well-connected people who liked their health-care plan would be able to keep their health-care plan.

Normally, if there’s a problem with a law, the answer is to change the law. But with a deadline of Oct. 1 looming, and the administration too afraid of the House of Representatives elected by the American people to even attempt to look at the law that created Obamacare through normal channels, the president’s personal involvement was necessary.

Ayn Rand had a name for that. In “Atlas Shrugged,” she called it the “Aristocracy of Pull.”

That’s the world of Obamacare.


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