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Rubio: Who cares what notorious race hustler Jesse Jackson says?

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Rubio-SenateFloor Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., weighed in on the “outrageous” remarks by the so-called Rev. Jesse Jackson, saying it’s sad that people still pay attention to what he has to say.

On Tuesday, during a visit with protestors “occupying” the governor’s office, the notorious race hustler said Florida was “the Selma of our time.” His antics prompted Gov. Rick Scott to demand an apology for the “reckless” and “divisive” comment.

Far-left activists from Dream Defenders are dug in and refuse to leave until Scott calls a special session of the legislature to address “stand your ground vigilantism, racial profiling and a war on youth” that funnels them “out of schools and into jails,“ as the group’s web site noted.

“I think Jesse Jackson unfortunately has a long history of making outrageous comments and the only thing sadder than those comments is the fact that people still pay attention to some of them,” Rubio said Thursday during an appearance on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“People that live in Florida or have visited Florida know how outrageous those comments are,” Rubio added.

Jackson has also called for a boycott of Florida, saying it’s an “apartheid state.”

“No doubt, the inclination is to boycott Florida, to stop conventions, to isolate Florida as a kind of apartheid state given this whole Stand Your Ground law,” Jackson said following the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Jackson, much like the activists in Tallahassee, chooses to ignore the fact that Stand Your Ground did not play a role in the case and that the self defense law benefits black Floridians at a rate far out of proportion to their presence in the state’s population — nearly double — and the success rate of their claims exceeds that for Florida whites, as reported by Daily Caller.

In addition, the FBI, under the direction of Attorney General Eric Holder, did an in-depth investigation last year and found no evidence that Zimmerman acted out of racial hatred.

Tom Tillison


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