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Newspaper editor fired over headline telling Obama to ‘shove it’

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Drew JohnsonAn editorial page editor hired to give his opinion was fired by a Tennessee newspaper for giving his opinion in response to a recent visit and speech by Barack Obama during a recent area visit, according to his tweets.

Although the editorial, titled, “Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough,” immediately went viral, it cost Drew Johnson his job with The Chattanooga Times Free Press, according to Fox News.

According to a statement made Thursday, the official reason for Johnson’s termination was for “placing a headline on an editorial outside of normal editing procedures.”

“The headline was inappropriate for this newspaper,” the statement read. “It was not the original headline approved for publication, and Johnson violated the normal editing process when he changed the headline.”

In response, Johnson noted that “we change headlines all the time without incident or issue,” and took to Twitter and left the following message conservatives hear all too often:

He also tweeted a bit of irony:

Although Johnson’t editorial delighted conservatives, The Atlanta Constitution’s columnist Jim Galloway called it “rude” and “downright hostile.”


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