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Jesse Jackson refuses to apologize, Fla. governor shuts him out

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott

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After spending the night at the state Capitol with protesters, the Rev. Jesse Jackson refused to comply with Gov. Rick Scott’s request for an apology to Floridians after the civil rights activist called the Sunshine State the “Selma of our time.”

Instead, Jackson stood by the remarks on Wednesday, saying he prefers to have a private conversation with the governor, according to a statement from the governor’s office.

“It’s disappointing that Jesse Jackson refused to apologize yesterday for his insulting and inflammatory comments about Floridians,” Scott said. “Instead, he doubled down on his divisive and reckless remarks. Without an official, public apology from Jesse Jackson to the people of Florida, any conversation would only reward him for making – and then doubling down – on his irresponsible insults.”

The protesters, calling themselves the Dream Defenders, have occupied the Capitol building for two weeks, demanding a special session to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. But the governor is standing by his refusal to call lawmakers back to Tallahassee.

In the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Travyon Martin case and liberal backlash against the Stand Your Ground law, Jackson referred to Florida as an “apartheid state” and called for its boycott.

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