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College freshman starts ‘White Student Union,’ complaints roll in

Patrick Sharp
Patrick Sharp

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A freshman at Georgia State University started an informal “White Student Union” club on campus, and yep, the controversy and complaints have been rolling in.

After noticing several clubs at GSU dedicated to other races and ethnicities, like the Black Student Alliance and the Latino Student Union, Patrick Sharp, 18, said he started this club “so that students of European and Euro-American descent can celebrate their shared history and culture and discuss issues that affect white people, such as immigration and affirmative action,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 2.17.34 PMBut, predictably, the White Student Union is being called a racist, white supremacist, nazi-like organization by the – big sigh – Progressive Student Alliance, who’s members hung protest flyers all around the campus.

“You know, to say this is some closeted or curtained white supremacy, it’s pretty — and I’ll go ahead and turn their words around on them — it’s pretty ignorant and close-minded,” Sharp told WXIA-TV in Atlanta. “It’s a pride organization, it’s a cultural organization, what we have is not hate for any other group…. Whites are becoming a minority…. We have a voice, we’re unique people, and we have every right to make that voice heard.”

Dr. Douglas Covey, the vice president of GSU’s student affairs, said six students have complained about the new club.

“The students are expressing concern about the intended purpose of this organization,” Covey told the station, but added that the White Student Union has “every right to exist.”

Sharp said the club has about six members so far, and he’s hoping to add more when the fall semester commences.

“What we are is an organization that just loves where we come from,” Sharp said. “We love our heritage, we love our ancestries, and we have a lot of pride in that.”

Watch the WXIA-TV report here:


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