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Boehner jabs Obama on approval rating as Tea Party helps boost his

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Based on a Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll completed last week, House Speaker John Boehner is viewed more favorably by Republicans who identify with the tea party than by Republicans who don’t.

As improbable as that may sound, his standing among tea party followers is a bright spot for the speaker rather than a negative one, the Wall Street Journal reported.

As the survey shows, 46 percent of self-described tea-party Republicans gave Boehner a positive rating, while just 15 percent gave him a negative rating. He fared a lot worse with non-tea-party Republicans, receiving just a 26 percent positive rating and a 21 percent negative rating.

Although, with Congress about to face yet another showdown with Obama on spending and debt, as noted by the Journal, Boehner will have his hands full trying to control the tea party wing of his caucus.

Of which, the survey shows 48 percent of tea-party followers say Republicans are too quick to give in to Obama, with two-thirds of non-tea-party Republicans saying the GOP is either striking the right balance or being too inflexible.

Among all those surveyed, just 18 percent gave him a positive rating, while 36 percent gave him a negative one.

And while Boehner’s poll numbers are lower than President Obama’s, when asked on Wednesday about the president’s speeches around the country to promote his economic plan, he said, “If I had poll numbers as low as his, I’d probably be out doing the same thing if I were him.”

Tom Tillison


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