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SEIU protester: Without raise, McDonald’s workers may contaminate food

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Hundreds of fast-food employees took to the streets Monday to begin a week-long protest of low wages. Members of the Service Employees International Union not only showed their support but also expressed fear that if the demonstrators didn’t get what they wanted, they may contaminate our food.

Videographer and conservative blogger Adam Sharp of ShatpElbows.net attended one such demonstration and interviewed an SEIU member, easily identifiable as such by his purple shirt.

When asked whether the union member supported the $15 per hour wage increase the McDonald’s workers were demanding, he admitted, “I’m not sure.”

He also said he was there to show his support for the workers rather than the company and expressed a fear that, “if they’re [the McDonald’s employees] pissed off, they could be doing something to that food.”

“So that’s your main concern, is that if they don’t get what they want, they might contaminate the food?”

The SEIU member shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”

Watch the video provided by SharpElbows.net


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