SEIU protester: Without raise, McDonald’s workers may contaminate food

Hundreds of fast-food employees took to the streets Monday to begin a week-long protest of low wages. Members of the Service Employees International Union not only showed their support but also expressed fear that if the demonstrators didn’t get what they wanted, they may contaminate our food.

Videographer and conservative blogger Adam Sharp of attended one such demonstration and interviewed an SEIU member, easily identifiable as such by his purple shirt.

When asked whether the union member supported the $15 per hour wage increase the McDonald’s workers were demanding, he admitted, “I’m not sure.”

He also said he was there to show his support for the workers rather than the company and expressed a fear that, “if they’re [the McDonald’s employees] pissed off, they could be doing something to that food.”

“So that’s your main concern, is that if they don’t get what they want, they might contaminate the food?”

The SEIU member shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”

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118 thoughts on “SEIU protester: Without raise, McDonald’s workers may contaminate food

  1. pmfsc3 says:

    I have worked with a union before. Do not doubt they will do anything to make their point. The company I worked for shut down and the union(UFW) was the cause. The employees went out on a walk out broke our producti when it was going out to the customer and the employees did unmentionable inside the box so the customer would open the box and be hit with a disgusting gift. They justify everything in their warped view of the world.

  2. gomurr says:

    Our food is already so contaminated, a little spit isn’t going to make a difference.

  3. TJefferson44 says:

    If the union workers did contaminate the food, they would then be domestic terrorists and the administration’s NSA and the DOJ would brand them as fellow fighters against oppression and grant them a federal bailout!

  4. Breezeyguy says:

    A high minimum wage kills entry level jobs. I had my first job when I was 15, at a car wash. Now my kids can’t get jobs because entry level positions don’t exist anymore.

  5. ClementC says:

    That’s silly. Dude’s clearly been watching too much Fight Club.

    On the other hand, so is the reaction. One bozo on one sidewalk said a thing! Clearly that indicates exactly what every single person that you don’t like truly believes!

    On the other hand, when Tea Party protesters hold up racist and xenophobic signs, when Tea Party spokespeople say racist and xenophobic things, and when Tea Party legislators write racist and xenophobic legislation, that doesn’t mean anything!


    1. JJBuck says:

      WTF are you talking about? I haven’t seen any racist Tea Party signs. From where I’m sitting the only racists are you democrats, especially the head man himself…it’s what they need to foster in order to get elecrted since everything else they touch turns to dung. Five years and not a single problem solved except we are now more divided, poorer, more unemployed, health care either more expensive or going away, and now over half th country is dependent upon the government. Stop blaming everyone else, get off your ass and do something. Then again, you;re just lke the Pied Piper…

      1. ClementC says:

        Ah, yes, it’s “you democrats” who are racists. A classic comeback, of the “I’m rubber and you’re glue” school of debating tactics. Well played, sir, well played.

        I also like how you denied the existence of racist Tea Party signs but not xenophobic Tea Party signs, racist and xenophobic Tea Party rhetoric or racist and xenophobic Tea Party legislation. I should probably explain that “xenophobic”, which is from Greek “xenos” (foreign) and “phobos” (fear) means “fear of foreigners and immigrants”.

        And now, back to reality

        1. JJBuck says:

          Dude, you are delusional, which is typical for most lost liberala sucking the government teat. Please don’t talk stupid to me. I pay my own health care and my premums just went UP 20%, yet again and if you thknk they are goign down you are as stupid as Obama -those of us that are apying attentiona are not fooled. Just wait until nexty year and you will see hjo this man lied to veerryone – he doesn’t have a clue, and neither do you -even the unions are bailing on this Obamacare nonsense. And you are apparently as economically and financially illiterate as most other liberals are; read the fine print: the ONLY reason unemployment is down is because people are dropping out of the work force in droves because they have been looking so long for jobs and can’t find them so they finally gave up. This si the wakest recovery i the hostriy of this country becaseu we have an affirmative action ivy league moron runignth ecountry ho has never accomplished anything in his life except getting elecetd. NOTHING!!! Don’t insult me/us by talking liberal gibberish about banks and all your nonsense…you don’t know what you are talking about, but then again neither does Obozo. Uninformed people like you elected him- -hope you like th epIed Piper. YOu and My kid will spend your entire lives cleaning up after this freakin moron and the other tax and spend liberals. Like this socialism? Move to Cuba. BTW: Isn’t it time for you to go to the mailbox and get another check?

          1. ClementC says:

            1. The exchanges aren’t in effect yet.

            2. I’m guessing you’re in one of the states that is intentionally dragging its heels on implementing ObamaCare, in which case I would direct your ire towards your elected officials and/or entrenched insurance interests.

            3. Claims of illiteracy against others ring hollow when accompanied with such stellar works of English as “This si the wakest recovery i the hostriy of this country becaseu we have an affirmative action ivy league moron runignth ecountry ho has never accomplished anything in his life except getting elecetd”

            4. Communism isn’t Socialism.

            5. I’m partially disabled, but looking for work anyway. Your kindness and compassion towards those less fortunate are duly noted.

  6. imbustinloose says:

    Quit negotiating with these miscreants. Fire all of them!! There are plenty of people that are legally in this country that are willing to work.

  7. Sandra Humphries Raedel says:

    I, personally, ran the numbers from 1961 & forward {instead of relying on bogus numbers from the likes of the unions, & especially Senator Elizabeth Warren {D} who semi-recently quoted $22/Hr, as being the target number for minimum wage {when she was speaking to Dr. Arindrajit Dube, a University of Massachusetts Amherst professor who has studied the economic impacts of minimum wage}. While he didn’t get mad, he ‘humored’ her by quoting $33/Hr. if keeping up with the top 1%.
    FACT – In order to keep with inflation, Minimum Wage would need be at $8.85/Hr. effective 1/1/2013.
    The last increase was on 1/24/2009 at $7.25/Hr. This was still $1.00/hour less of where it might have been, again, in order to keep up with inflation. We literally began going off course in 1980 {CARTER, then Reagan & forward}. So when Obama asks for an increase to $9.00/Hr, we may want be considering the same. However, the SEIU is ‘clearly’ & ‘astronomically’ out of line!
    Respectfully Submitted by “an Independent”.

  8. Islam Pakhtoon says:

    Fast food workers contaminate food, packaging contaminating food, human beings chucking thousand chemicals on top, is there anything positive about western society…….over in pakistan when i went on holiday everything we would eat would be natural besides by the water, western society is all negative, its not really positive at all. contamination every where and people look happy but they not really and that goes to the president, celebrities and mps and down to the bottom. Everything is a delusion, its all temporary happiness however you have long term misery at the end. Everything is a fake in this society.

  9. Lon Lofgren says:

    You’re not SUPPOSED to support a family on McDonalds pay! Set your bar a little higher, people!

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