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Limbaugh: GOP wants to throw away base, discarded uncontrollable tea party

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Top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said the Republican leadership in Washington is pushing away from its base – conservatives like himself, and members of the Tea Party – by continuing to compromise with Democrats on “issue after issue after issue,” instead of worrying more about defeating them.

“These Republicans are not stupid. They have to know that agreeing with the Democrats on issue after issue after issue is going to equal Democrat victory after victory after victory. So why are they doing it?” Limbaugh asked Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren Tuesday night.

Republicans, Limbaugh said, have nothing in common with Democrats, President Obama or his policies, so why do conservatives have to “compromise their core” by negotiating with them?

“I’m about defeating [Democrats,] not compromising with them,” Rush said.

In another segment of the interview, Rush elaborated on the GOP’s failure to “embrace the Tea Party” in the 2010 elections, which resulted in many conservatives staying home and not voting in 2012.

In 2010, the Republican Party “didn’t even make an effort to capitalize” on the “national uprising” of the Tea Party in “opposition to Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said, and the Republicans acted like they “didn’t want any part” of the Tea Party.

“If I was the Republican Party,” Limbaugh continued, “I would have embraced those people, I would have brought them into the fold, and I would have done what I could to keep them – as donors, as voters. But the Republican Party had no desire.”

The Tea Party and its members are “demonized” because they “can’t be controlled or dominated” by the Party, Rush said. Instead, the party pushes itself away from conservatives.

And in 2012, he said, some of those Republican voters “felt that, and saw it…..and stayed home and said ‘the heck with it,’” he said.

Limbaugh continued on the GOP pushing back from its conservative base, saying:

Obama is brute force. Obama is about eliminating opposition, not working with it. So why should we help him? I think the Democrats are the people who need to be eliminated. There’s nothing about what they believe that I want to compromise with. I want to defeat it.

The country is hanging by a thread here, as founded, it’s hanging by a thread. We’re about to lose it. Why compromise with the people responsible for this?

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Watch Limbaugh discuss the future of the GOP via Fox News here:


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