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Man raising money for Zimmerman gun stands up to Piers Morgan’s scolding

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It’s no secret that George Zimmerman and his family have received numerous death threats since his acquittal in Trayvon Martin’s shooting death.

Ken Hanson, legal chairman of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, defended an effort to raise funds for Zimmerman to get another gun, along with ammunition, training, personal protection – and anything else he needs to defend himself and his family. To date, the effort has raised over $12,000.

CNN host Piers Morgan went after Hanson on Monday, criticizing the effort to arm Zimmerman.

“Have you offered to do the same for the family of Trayvon Martin?” Morgan asked.

“I’m not aware of any threats against Mr. Martin’s family,” Hanson replied.

Hanson said Zimmerman is an innocent man.

“Two different levels of government review have found no fault with Mr. Zimmerman’s actions,” Hanson said. “We can go through all the hypotheticals you’d like to go through. What it comes down to is that he’s gone through a government review.”

Watch the segment via CNN here.

H/T: Mediaite


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