Video of woman going nuts over fender bender goes viral

This is a wilder video than I usually post, but there’s so much going on in it, I just had to share it. After a minor accident, in front of a police officer, a woman who says she takes the anti-depressant Cymbalta threatens to break a guy’s arm. When she realizes the guy is filming her tirade, she gets even crazier.

I thought the police officer was incredibly patient with her, much more than she deserved. If a man acted like she did in front of a cop, he would have been arrested. It was also good to see that some police officers understand that citizens have a legal right to film the police, even if the woman being filmed says she doesn’t “believe in the Internet.”

Warning: Graphic language

H/T: LiveLeak

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Jack Furnari

Jack Furnari

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Jack Furnari


34 thoughts on “Video of woman going nuts over fender bender goes viral

  1. Brenda St.James says:

    Right from the beginning you could see she was having a hard time staying calm. In my opinion though she was already upset, the person taping her really aggravated her. She should not have threatened breaking arms but if she has a mental illness, she may not be able to control her mouth. Honestly, if the officer would have insisted the guy put the camera away, it would not have escalated as far as it did. She lost control and was taking a panic attack. The camera man was laughing at her, he enjoyed that he was able to have this power over her. I don’t get it, what’s the pay off?

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