Injured war vet refuses orders to remove American flag from balcony


An Afghan War veteran is threatening to leave her apartment complex before the expiration of her lease if apartment management doesn’t change its stance on flying the stars and stripes.

The management company posted a notice on Jen Elliot’s apartment door shortly after she began displaying the American flag from her balcony to honor those she lost and others she left behind.

She immediately checked her lease provisions after the complex claimed that flags couldn’t be flown and found that they could — so long as she followed proper flag etiquette. She did.

“It does say you cannot have flags, plants or wind chimes. However, it does say that the American flag can be displayed within the laws of the state and proper flag etiquette,” she told Sacramento CBS affiliate KOVR-TV. “And mine is.”

The management company has reversed itself, and now claims that Elliot can fly the flag with the flag holder screwed into the front of her balcony.

“I’ve lost six people in the past three months, and I know they are going through a tough time. I fly that for them.”

KOVR-TV reported:

She was a specialist serving as a heavy-wheeled vehicle operator and a .50-caliber gunner. She says she flies the flag to remind her of her unit overseas that she can’t be a part of anymore after she was injured.

“I suffered from PVI, which is a traumatic brain injury. I was blown off into the wall, and I was unconscious for a couple of minutes. And I still have PTSD from that.”

She now says she’s prepared to move out unless the management company changes its stance.

“I’ll take my plants and wind chimes down, it that’s what you want. But I’m not taking that flag down.”

Watch the KOVR-TV news clip.


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