Enviro-hippies advocate violence at ‘peaceful’ demonstration

I sometimes don’t believe today’s liberals quite have that “non-violent demonstration,” civil disobedience, “Give peace a chance” thing quite down. This is one of those instances.

Portland Rising Tide, a Pacific Northwest group mainly concerned with climate change, organized a “Kayak Flotilla” on the Columbia River Saturday. According to its website:

The Pacific Northwest is under attack. We will fight back, defending what we love, and our climate future.  Big coal, oil, and gas plan to transform the NW coastline from Oregon up to Alaska into a vast fossil fuel corridor with over 15 export terminals proposed.

And fight this peaceful organization was prepared to do. As depicted in the video, remarks recorded included, “Sometimes you have to shed blood,” “There’s certain times to use peaceful tactics, and certain times to use more aggressive tactics,” and “I’m on the non-violent side [but] I have nothing against violence. it could be necessary.”

This was recorded during a training session just prior to and in anticipation of the event itself, according to Laughing at Liberals who published the video.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think the reaction would have been if these remarks had been recorded at a tea party rally?


One thought on “Enviro-hippies advocate violence at ‘peaceful’ demonstration

  1. Jose CUnha says:

    …. so violence is strategic and tactical, huh? As long as it gets you what you want, right? Lets see how you feel when someone tactically and strategically puts a foot in your ass, or maces you or hits you with a Taser, an ASP or takes you down hard and slaps the bracelets on you. I’m sure your very eloquent discussion of violence and promises of “stopping what you don’t want” will meet with harsh reality. The only reason Greenpeace is successful in “getting in the way” is because no one has ben willing to run them the hell over. Change your tactics, and see how long it takes for that to change. I applaud you for being willing to get arrested, it is your right, but add violence to that mix, you and don’t complain when you are more concerned about your broken bones than fossil fuels. You chose the rules, then you play the game.

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