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Gun buyback program canceled — by gun-control laws

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Colorado gun controllers are learning giving up freedom has a price.

The Colorado gun-control laws that have led to a federal lawsuit by 55 of the state’s sheriffs and recall elections for two Democrats who helped get them passed are having another unexpected effect:

They’re hurting the gun-control gang, too.

gunbuybackA gun buyback program organized with the help of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in August has been canceled – by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The reason? The state’s new laws make gun transactions – even transactions between an individual and a group working with a law enforcement agency that plans to destroy the weapons – too complicated to put together for such a large event, the Boulder Daily Camera reported.

The new law, which took effect July 1, requires all gun transactions to go through a licensed firearms dealer who can perform a background check on the purchaser.

That means  gun buybacks in Colorado would require enlisting a licensed firearms dealer to actually do the background checks and purchase the weapons. Also, the system dealers use to perform background checks can’t be moved from the dealer’s location, so that’s where the buybacks would have to take place, rather than the sheriff’s office or some other public venue.

The dealers, of course, would have to be paid for their services, “which becomes very unproductive,” Sheriff Joe Pelle told the Daily Camera.

A multi-faith group called Together Colorado had organized the effort, and student groups had raised $8,000 to pay for the gift cards or sporting-events tickets people would receive for the guns sold in the program.

In a state where people were free to buy and sell weapons as they choose, this gun-control effort wouldn’t have caused an eye blink. They’ve been done countless times, in countless places.

That’s what freedom’s all about.

In a state where the government decides who can purchase weapons, that freedom doesn’t exist.

Colorado became such a place on July 1.


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