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Community organizers, Bill Ayers ask UN to probe Chicago school closings

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In an effort to prevent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel from closing 49 elementary schools, the Chicago Teachers Union, former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and an ACORN successor have taken their grievances on the road — all the way to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ayers is one of the signatories of a 24-page letter the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights sent to the UN Human Rights Commission, along with four people associated with Action Now, an ACORN successor, according to The Daily Caller.

According to its website, “The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights is a network of 56 organizations, service providers, and university centers, that work together to promote and protect human rights in our Midwest region.”

The Daily Caller reported:

As Eagnews.org notes, still another endorser is Michael Klonsky, a former leader of Students for a Democratic Society also a former chairman of a Maoist organization called “Communist Party (Marxist Leninist).”

Sital Kalantry, a clinical law professor at University of Chicago Law School who actually filed the letter with the U.N., told Chicago public radio station WBEZ her view that the school closings violate the inalienable fundamental rights of thousands of affected Chicago schoolchildren.

“The United Nations taking this issue up and giving it serious attention will really bring home to Chicago and the United States that there are violations occurring here of human rights, potentially, not just about a budget crisis,” said Kalantry.

The schools were ordered closed in late May after prolonged debate because of declining enrollment and budget shortfalls. Almost half of Chicago’s schools were underutilized, with nearly 140 half-empty, according to NBC-Chicago News.

At the time of the decision, the Chicago school district had about 100,000 more seats than it did students to fill them, and the district was facing a $1 billion deficit.

Chicago isn’t alone — Philadelphia, Washington and Detroit have also experienced mass-school closures for the same reasons.

As for the complaint, this seems to be a growing trend. If you can’t get what you want locally, call it a “human rights violation” and whine to the United Nations.

Last year, the NAACP lodged a UN human rights complaint against states enacting voter ID laws.

Most recently, Jesse Jackson called upon the United Nations to intervene after a central Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Whatever happened to accepting reality and moving on


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