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CNN host ups the ante because ‘O’Reilly didn’t go far enough’

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CNN host Don Lemon remarked on his show Saturday that not only was he fine with Bill O’Reilly’s straight talk, tough love conversation on race, but in his opinion, O’Reilly hadn’t gone far enough.

Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points” last week on race relations stirred up a hornet’s nest among the liberal pundits. His remarks were described by one as a “super racist rant,” another asked when he became an “expert on what African-Americans want,” and still another said “no one’s forcing Bill O’Reilly to be an asshole.”

O’Reilly primarily blamed the crime and chaos in the black community on the disintegration of the family unit. “Raised without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate towards the street culture, drugs, hustling, gangs,” O’Reilly said in a short clip played by Lemon.

“Bill’s got a point,” Lemon said. “In fact, he’s got more than a point … In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough.”

Lemon then listed “just five things” that not just blacks — but all races — “should think about doing,” each of which promotes self-respect as well as respect for others.

As expected, Lemon’s remarks stirred up their own hornet’s nest. MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor was not at all amused, and tweeted the following:

Video provided by Mediaite.


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