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Eric Bolling to Chris Christie: ‘It’s Islamic terrorists’

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s days of being beloved by the country’s conservatives are so over.

From his apoplectic fit over Republicans not passing a pork-filled Hurricane Sandy relief bill to his nauseating bromance with President Obama, many conservatives agree Christie can forget about running for president in 2016.

His most recent attack on fellow Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s “dangerous” libertarian views on national security and government surveillance prompted Fox News’ Eric Bolling to declare, he too, “is so done” with Christie.

“I have an idea what terrorism looks like,” Bolling directed to Christie, as he reflected on the horrors of 9-11. It’s not Americans being spied on by the NSA, he continued, “it’s Islamic terrorists.”

“I am done with him. I am so done with him,” Bolling told his co-hosts on Friday’s “The Five.” “Mark Levin warned me, he said you’re going to regret the minute you got behind this guy and you want to know something? I do.”

Bolling looked right into the camera and addressed Christie directly as he said:

The rule of law is now dangerous to Governor Christie. You’ve lost a fan in me, sir. And anyone else who believes that the constitution is up for interpretation, especially by a governor. You can’t interpret it your way, it’s written; it’s not living and breathing. It’s written, it’s the rule of law.

So, let me get this straight. Rand Paul is dangerous but President Obama and “Carlos Danger” are okay in your world, right now. Governor, you said you would look at people in the eye to people who’ve lost love ones in the World Trade Center.

I was in the World Trade Center in ’93 when the bomb went off. I watched the planes go into the World Trade Center in ’01. I watched friends burn in the World Trade Center. I watched people jump out the window.

I think I have an idea of what terrorism looks like. And it’s not innocent Americans being data-mined by the NSA. It’s Islamic terrorists. Stick to that and we’ll be ok.

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Watch Bolling declare he’s over Chris Christie here:

H/T: Fox Nation


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