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Crook tries to rob gun store with baseball bat

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baseballbatPlanning to commit armed robbery at a GUN store takes a certain amount of guts.

Planning to do it armed with a baseball BAT takes a certain lack of  … planning.

But that’s exactly what a man tried to do in Beaverton, Ore., according to a television report.

According to KATU-TV in Portland, 22-year-old Derick Moseley walked into a Discount GUN Sales on Thursday carrying a baseball BAT, promptly smashed a display GUN case and picked up a GUN.

Hard as it is to believe, the manager of the GUN store was armed – with a loaded GUN.

According to the station’s report, he drew the firearm, pointed it at Mosley and ordered him to drop the BAT, as well as the unloaded GUN he was trying to steal.

The GUN store manager then held Moseley at GUNpoint until police arrived, according to the station.

Mosley is charged with first-degree robbery, first degree theft, second degree criminal robbery, and unlawful possession of a firearm (however brief).

A man who answered the phone at the GUN store Saturday said it was company policy not to talk to the media about a guy who tried to rob a GUN store with a BAT.

They must not like dumb questions.


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