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The Five host’s fix for race relations: ‘No honkies at the table’

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After running a short clip of Jay-Z commenting on the George Zimmerman case, where the musician referred to Zimmerman as a “f***ing mall cop,” Greg Gutfeld opined that the true basis for racial divide in the United States is skin thickness — not color.

“I want to talk about this focus on race and where the real divide is,” he said. “The real divide is not on skin color — it’s on skin thickness. The thick skins, whether they are black or white, versus the thin skins, whether they are the black or the white.”

He then gave a few examples.

“The Allen Wests versus the Eric Holders. The Lupe Fiascos versus the Al Sharptons. The people who can frankly talk about race and not whine — and not whine incessantly. That’s the key — it’s thick versus thin; it’s not skin color.”

This led to a round of discussion from the other co-hosts of Thursday’s “The Five,” with Bob Beckel throwing in, “liberal blacks and conservative blacks ought to sit down together and have that discussion — no honkies at the table.”

Watch the video courtesy of Mediaite.


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