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Illegal alien with 37 criminal convictions to finally be deported

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As the U.S. inches closer to the passage of immigration reform, to include a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, there’s one side of the issue that is seldom in the news.

In an article published on Friday, CNS News reported that Border Patrol agents detained an “undocumented immigrant” who’s racked up 37 criminal convictions. Thirty seven.

A spokesman for the Buffalo Customs and Border Patrol sector told CNS News the suspect’s first conviction came in 1982; the most recent was in 2007, with the convictions ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, on charges such as narcotics violations, assault on a federal officer, burglary and robbery.

Yet, as reported, Border Patrol says it first learned of the man when he was arrested on Saturday in Rochester, N.Y.

How is it that someone is able to enter the United States illegally, live here for 31 years and be convicted of 37 crimes, yet Border Patrol has never heard of the person? And you think your family is safe?

As CNS News noted, the Obama administration determined two years ago that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency would focus its enforcement efforts only on illegal aliens who have broken criminal laws in this country.

Under the new policy, illegal aliens convicted of less than three misdemeanors, other than offenses involving violence or driving under the influence, are free from the grasp of ICE.

All of which means, as once stated in the long-running daily comic strip Pogo: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Read more at CNS News.

Tom Tillison


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