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Hispanic rival demands Weiner apologize to Latinos for ‘Carlitos Danger’

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Weiner is Carlos DangerDemocratic New York City mayoral candidate Erick – “I speak with an accent, but I don’t think with an accent” – Salgado is insulted that pervert Anthony Weiner chose the Spanish-sounding pseudonym “Carlos Danger” to sext under.

“There is a Latino candidate in this race,” an offended Salgado said. “His name’s not Carlitos Danger, it’s Erick Salgado.”

“For Anthony Weiner to hide under a Spanish name to do his bad behavior is very insulting to the Spanish community,” Salgado continued. “I believe he have to apologize to the Latino community.”

“Every time many people do wrong behavior, it’s always a Carlito, a Pedrito, a Miguelito. But behind that name, it was really not a Carlito. It was an ‘Anthony Weiner.’ You have to apologize to the Latino community. It is an insult,” Salgado told Weiner.


Watch Salgado via Shimon Gifter here:

H/T: Politicker, Erick Salgado


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