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Author Brad Thor stuns O’Reilly: NSA technology ‘actually terrifying’

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Brad ThorConservative best-selling author Brad Thor stunned Bill O’Reilly Thursday night when he said he believes the National Security Agency’s spying on American citizens goes further and deeper than anyone realizes.

A year before the scandal broke, Thor warned of the dangers of the NSA’s surveillance of American citizens in his chilling thriller, “Black List.

Referring to conversations with his highly placed government sources and the background research for his novels, Thor told O’Reilly that the technology the NSA has in its “pipeline” to spy on us is “actually terrifying.”

He then shocked O’Reilly when he said that the people he has spoken to told him that all of our communications are being recorded and stored, which is why the enormous data-mining facility was built in Utah.

“Voice calls? So they’re recording everybody?” an incredulous O’Reilly asked.

“The people I’ve talked to have told me that everything, all of your digital exhaust, is being recorded which is why they outgrew the facility in Fort Meade…and had to build that huge thing out in Utah.” Thor answered.

“That just leads to totalitarianism if that were the case,” O’Reilly said. “Anybody could be blackmailed. Anybody could be harmed or destroyed.”

“Look at tax returns,” Thor said. “Look what happened to Mitt Romney’s donors. So, knowledge is power.”

Thor’s newest, must-read thriller, “Hidden Order,” warns of yet another powerful and mysterious organization American’s don’t know enough about:

The most secretive organization in America operates without any accountability to the American people. Hiding in the shadows, pretending to be part of the United States Government, its power is beyond measure.

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Watch Thor’s interview here via Fox News:


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