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Firearm friendly North Carolina expands gun rights

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While states like New York, Connecticut and Colorado have restricted gun owners’ rights, North Carolina is marching to its own drummer — it’s expanding those rights.

Individuals with a concealed weapons permit will now be able to carry inside bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, as well as funeral processions and public recreation areas, according to WRAL, a news website based in North Carolina.

Under the bill’s provisions, permit holders would also be allowed to keep their weapons locked in their cars while parked on university campuses, and any county sheriff restrictions would be severely limited, with cause required before permits can be denied.

But those additional rights come with a price. The bill would increase the penalty for firearm violations and expand background checks to include mental health issues.

The measure passed in the House 73-41, after the Senate approved it 32-14 amid intense debate. It now heads to Gov. Pat McCrory, who is expected to sign it..


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