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Dennis Miller: Brits will have a king with big ears like we do

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Quirky comedian Dennis Miller had Bill O’Reilly and the show’s producers cracking up Wednesday night during the “Miller Time” segment.

Miller went off on pretty much every news story out there, including the Royal baby, Anthony Weiner, stand-by-her-man Huma Abedin, Victoria Jackson and crumbling Detroit.

“I’m happy with a nice baby story,” Miller said of the media hoopla surrounding newborn baby Prince George. “In a world gone mad where I gotta watch idiots like Weiner on a day to day basis…”

“What are we going to pay attention to? Everything’s crap,” he said. “I mean every time you open a news channel or paper it’s all crap. At least this is fun, it’s a baby.”

“I have an affinity for the Brits because eventually they’ll have a king with big ears and we currently have a king with big ears,” Miller quipped. “Their leader carries a scepter, our New York mayoral candidates, they often carry around their scepter.”

“But you know what? My side’s lost, I have to shut up for awhile,” Miller concluded. “The other side is in. Weiner might be the next mayor, Spitzer might be the next comptroller, nothing’s working. Like I said, it’s all crap. So let’s get back and look at more pictures of that baby.”

And there you have it Miller style.

Watch “Miller Time” via Fox News here:


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