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Unprecedented ordinance bans Christians from serving on city council

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We hear a lot about the positive things happening in that great bastion of conservatism known as Texas, but even there we are occasionally reminded that the disease of progressivism is present.

The latest example of the liberal precept that government is greater than the individual can be found in San Antonio, where city leaders believe true equality is just an ordinance away.

The city is looking to update its anti-discrimination policies by adding sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories, and plans to punish those who speak out against homosexuality.

According to a draft of the revised policy, One News Now reports, no one who has spoken out against homosexuality or the transgender lifestyle can run for city council or be appointed to a city board.

Or, in other words, Christians need not apply.

The exact language as proposed:

“No person shall be appointed to a position if the City Council finds that such person has, prior to such proposed appointment, engaged in discrimination or demonstrated a bias, by word or deed, against any person, group or organization on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, age, or disability.”

“The ordinance also says that if you have at any point demonstrated a bias – without defining what a bias is or who will determine whether or not one has been exercised – that you cannot get a city contract,” pastor Charles Flowers told One News Now.

“Neither can any of your subcontractors [who have demonstrated a bias] sign on to the contract,” he added.

Flowers believes such changes are a violation of freedom of speech and religion and is inviting people  to call the members of the San Antonio City Council to politely voice their opposition.

The pastor also told One News Now that the Arizona-based legal firm Alliance Defending Freedom has taken a look at the ordinance.

“They said they’ve never seen this kind of language in any other ordinance in any other city that they’ve dealt with,” the pastor shares. “It is unprecedentedly wrong – and of course the citizens of San Antonio must stop it.”

Tom Tillison


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