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O’Reilly faces blowback for calling out race-hustlers: ‘Stop the BS!’

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Bill O’Reilly opened Tuesday night’s show acknowledging the controversy over his previous memo on the black crime problem in America.

“So far there has been no credible challenge to what I said last night because facts are facts,” O’Reilly said. “Young, black men commit murder at 10 times, 10 times, the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.” (Read: “O’Reilly to Obama, leaders: Get black America under control!”)

The “true racism” is our leaders failure to address the problems in the black community, O’Reilly continued.

“It’s much easier for our politicians and pundits to mouth all kinds of platitudes and theory, to have a conversation,” O’Reilly mocked. “Meantime, people are dying.”

O’Reilly first, and most pointed question, to National Urban League President Marc Morial was whether he agreed that the “root of the black crime problem in America” was the disintegration of the African-American family, particularly the high rate of pregnancies in young, black women, that O’Reilly said, contributes to the high rate of crime and poverty.

Unfortunately, Morial confirmed O’Reilly’s point that he doesn’t have a solution because all Morial seemed interested in was getting O’Reilly, “with his considerable platform” onboard to “help in the conversation” about black crime, poverty and unemployment.

“I don’t want an invitation! I want to know why you guys haven’t put out a campaign to fight against these pregnancies that lead to crime and poverty!” an increasingly frustrated O’Reilly said.

“Do you understand what you are doing is not working?” O’Reilly asked Morial. “From the president on down, we need to stop the BS, stop the diversion and come to some solutions.”

When Morial yet again extended an invitation to have O’Reilly join in the conversation about what is working in the black community, O’Reilly rolled his eyes and sighed.

O’Reilly said:

We both want the same thing. We want civility, we want safety, and we want prosperity for all Americans, particularly those who are disadvantaged. But I’m telling you that there is a hustle going on in the civil rights industry, there’s a grievance industry that makes a lot of money off the vision and it’s not being challenged by anybody but me! And I’m taking a lot of heat for doing it.

Watch the segment via Mediaite here:


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