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Nugent to hypocrite celebrities boycotting Fla: How about Chicago?

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Conservative rock star Ted Nugent said the “dopey” dope using celebrities boycotting Florida over its “stand your ground” law are a bunch of hypocrites for not boycotting the murder capital city of Chicago.

Speaking Tuesday to Andrea Tantaros on her radio show, Nugent bashed fellow musical artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder for not boycotting Chicago where “700 people are slaughtered annually,” the Daily Caller reported.

Nugent railed:

When you live in a fog of denial, and usually it is inspired by just a lifetime of substance abuse …

When you start bending over spiritually and intellectually to people who take care of you all day, you can pretend by boycotting a single city with a stand your ground law that somehow you don’t have to boycott Chicago, where 700 people are slaughtered every year because they’re not standing their ground.

Tantaros pointed out that these celebrities all have armed guards who would be expected to stand their ground if a crazed fan attacked. She asked Nugent what President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder expected people to do if not stand your ground? “Curl up in a ball on the floor?” she asked.

“Stand your ground, what’s the opposite of that? Give up!” Nugent exclaimed.

“You just have got to be kidding me,” Nugent said disgustedly.

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Listen to the Motor City Madmen go off here:


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