Nugent to hypocrite celebrities boycotting Fla: How about Chicago?

Conservative rock star Ted Nugent said the “dopey” dope using celebrities boycotting Florida over its “stand your ground” law are a bunch of hypocrites for not boycotting the murder capital city of Chicago.

Speaking Tuesday to Andrea Tantaros on her radio show, Nugent bashed fellow musical artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West and Stevie Wonder for not boycotting Chicago where “700 people are slaughtered annually,” the Daily Caller reported.

Nugent railed:

When you live in a fog of denial, and usually it is inspired by just a lifetime of substance abuse …

When you start bending over spiritually and intellectually to people who take care of you all day, you can pretend by boycotting a single city with a stand your ground law that somehow you don’t have to boycott Chicago, where 700 people are slaughtered every year because they’re not standing their ground.

Tantaros pointed out that these celebrities all have armed guards who would be expected to stand their ground if a crazed fan attacked. She asked Nugent what President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder expected people to do if not stand your ground? “Curl up in a ball on the floor?” she asked.

“Stand your ground, what’s the opposite of that? Give up!” Nugent exclaimed.

“You just have got to be kidding me,” Nugent said disgustedly.

Read more here: “Lawmaker calls out celebs that boycott Florida, but patronize Cuba”

Listen to the Motor City Madmen go off here:

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Janeen Capizola

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8 thoughts on “Nugent to hypocrite celebrities boycotting Fla: How about Chicago?

  1. Ontherightintampa says:

    Ted Nugent is one of the finest THINKERS of our time. What he says is DEEPLY true. If the majority of America were to adopt his outlook, our country (and the entire world!) would be a safer, happier, and better place to live.

    By the way, ‘cracka” an obvious shortened version of “Cracker” reformed to ‘cowboys’ in many states who (while on horseback) used soft and ‘noisy’ whips to heard cattle! Yes – a LOT of cattle used to be raised in the south – a few are Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and others….

  2. Guest says:

    I follow Ted Nugent and I follow Bill O’Reilly because they TELL THE TRUTH. These CLOWNS such as Wonder, JZ, MaDonna, ETC … got news for you …. they took it for RECOGNITION. That’s it … RECOGNITION. GET LOST!!!

  3. Larry Mellette says:

    Boycott the Artists that boycott FLA.

  4. pgb412 says:

    I just know us Floridans are going to miss the mega millions pumped into our state by these big time singers.. Bawhahaha

  5. Winnie Zensa says:

    You rule Teddy! Thanks for telling those hyppocrites the way it truly is!

  6. VD65 says:

    Boycotting Florida is asinine. If they were the only one with a Stand Your Ground law, maybe and that is iffy. Zimmerman didn’t even use that law in his trial so I don’t know what the big fuss is about. Ignorant people are trying to get attention and some with very old careers. I don’t always agree with Nugent but in this case I do completely. The Martins should hang their heads in shame because they have set back racial relations at least 50 years with their false accusations. I am tired of hearing about the case. I am tired of people acting juvenile and not looking at the actual evidence and tired of hearing acquittal when it was a not guilty verdict which is an entirely different verdict, and the media failing to mention that Zimmerman took two, not one lie detector type of tests, computer voice stress tests and passed both of them as not lying. Now people can discount one maybe, but two…no way. I realize someone lost their son but the reality of the situation and what really happened and the nature of things this young man had been doing is not being clearly considered. They are in denial and they are taking a lot of people down with them with their abundance of hate talk they are spewing. If celebrities want to try to blackmail Florida and use their fame to do it, well then I guess they won’t be on my list as far as watching or supporting as a fan. The whole thing with racism and profiling came solely from the Martins.

  7. nugent is not afraid to tell it like it is. pisses people off. yet makes us who know the truth smile. thx for that. btw, let’s put Nugent in ‘the cage’ with Jesse Jackson, Jay-Zee, Jesse Ventura, not Stevie, Kanye — and watch him kick their butts. they will be in the fetal position, crying like the little babies they are.

  8. ladyblueii says:

    He states a lot of pure hard facts.

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