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Hoyer: GOP will shoot its ‘own child’ over debt ceiling fight

Rep Steny Hoyer
Photo credit: Washington Blade/Michael Key

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The federal government is not set to reach its spending limit until early September, but the rhetoric over what to do about it has already begun. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer started the finger-pointing by hurling unusual accusations toward the Republicans at a press briefing Monday.

At issue is whether Democrats will agree to federal spending cuts in exchange for Republican support to raise the debt ceiling, according to CNS News.

“In effect, what they’re doing is they’re taking their own child hostage,” Hoyer told reporters, “their child in this case being the United States of America’s credit, taking their own child hostage, and telling us [Democrats], ‘If you don’t pay ransom, we’re gonna shoot our own child.'”

Hoyer criticized a proposal from Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, to defund Obamacare by refusing to allow it in any continuing resolution to keep the government running.

“Republicans talk about what they want to get from us in order to vote for the debt limit extension,” Hoyer said. “The problem with that, of course, is that almost all the Republican leaders have said that defaulting on the debt is an unacceptable alternative.”

Hoyer said a shortage of compromise in Congress has led to gridlock, which undermines the growth of the economy and jobs. He doesn’t take the threats seriously he added, accusing the GOP of being more about messaging than substance.

Read the entire CNS report here.


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