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Media fooled by leftist plant at pro-Zimmerman rally

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racist&proudActivists on the left are pulling out all the stops to exploit Trayvon Martin‘s death for political gain, even if it means using the same tactics employed to neutralize the tea party.

As protestors rallied Saturday in cities across America, at the behest of race hustler Al Sharpton, a small number of counter-protestors turned out here and there in support of George Zimmerman.

But it turns out that at least one of these “supporters” was likely a plant from the left.

In Houston, a white female, Renee Vaughan, was photographed holding a sign that said, “We’re racist & proud.” Predictably, many in the media ran with such a controversial image.

As reported in the Houston Chronical: “At one point, Renee Vaughan of Austin mocked protesters by chanting, ‘We’re racist. We’re proud. We’re better ’cause we’re white.'”

As fate would have it, Brandon Darby, a reporter for Breitbart.com was present and interviewed the woman, who was standing next to a black man wearing a “hoodie.”

“What does your sign mean?” he asked.

This sign means that there are people here who are racist and apparently think that’s OK,” Vaughan answered. “I’m not one of them. I’m being sarcastic.”

In addition, Kristinn Taylor reported on Gateway Pundit that a Renee Vaughan was associated with a far left environmental group, the Texas Campaign for the Environment. A photo on the web site indicates it’s the same woman

The report also shows a photo from the Texas Campaign for the Environment’s Facebook page of Vaughan wearing the same pair of sunglasses as she had on while holding the racist sign.

As Darby noted in his report, Vaughan was “clearly on the Trayvon Martin/New Black Panther Party-supporting side of the demonstration,” which should have been obvious to anyone in the media seeking the truth.

Tom Tillison


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