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Harris-Perry puts on tampon earrings, hilarity ensues with Dennis Miller

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MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry donned a pair of tampon earrings to show her solidarity with the pro-choice demonstrators at the Texas legislature earlier this month. The fact that tampons have nothing to do with the pro-choice movement went right over Harris-Perry’s head with an audible “whoosh!” but it wasn’t lost on actor-pundit Dennis Miller, who obliged with a series of hilarious, zinging tweets.

“My producer Lorena made for me, last week, some tampon earrings,” she said as she put them.

“Because, of course, you’ll remember the Texas state legislature said you could not bring tampons in when they were going, these women, to in fact stand up for their own reproductive rights. You weren’t allowed to, initially, to bring tampons,” she continued.

Tampons, as well as jars of suspected urine and feces, were confiscated from demonstrators entering the gallery. The rumor was that these items would be hurled at the lawmakers. I’m sure Harris-Perry’s guests were relieved she chose the tampons.

“So just in case that ever happens again, ladies, you can just bring them on your earrings,” she concluded.

The disconnect between tampons and reproductive rights may have been lost on Harris-Perry, but not on Miller, who obligingly showed her the error in her thinking.

Miller tweet 1

Miller tweet 2

Miller tweet 3


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