Dems rule Detroit over 30 years, MSNBC host blames GOP for demise

Everyone has an opinion on why Detroit failed. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry blamed small government and the media blamed racism. But another MSNBC host, Ed Schultz, has his own theory of the city’s epic demise.

It’s the Republicans’ fault.

“Detroit, Michigan, used to be really a symbol of industrial strength and manufacturing in this country,” Schultz said. “But, thanks to a lot of Republican policies, the city is now filing for bankruptcy.”

Rush Limbaugh provided a litany of facts about the history of Detroit on his radio program Monday.

“Detroit has been run exclusively by the Democrats for over 30 years, folks.  The last Republican mayor in Detroit was elected in 1957,” Limbaugh said. “Only one Republican has been elected to the city council in Detroit since 1970. Back in 1960 the city of Detroit actually had the highest per capita income in the country.  My, how things change.”

“Make no mistake: Detroit going bankrupt is exactly what the Republicans want,” Schultz said, while featuring a graphic, headlined, “Conservative Utopia,” showing former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney, President Ronald Reagan, and Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder.

“It is a very vicious cycle,” Schultz said. “It’s the Republican way.”

Watch Schultz rant on “The ED Show” via Mediaite:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


7 thoughts on “Dems rule Detroit over 30 years, MSNBC host blames GOP for demise

  1. pokenhorn says:

    What a shameless liar is Ed Sgt. Schultz. Republicans have been invisible in Detroit for 50 years. Detroit is where Democratic policies lead.

  2. commonsense_is_dead says:

    Effin lying dumbass.

  3. S. Geiger says:

    Liberals will spin it any way to blame someone other than themselves. They should’ve followed Wisconsin and Ohio and done what was necessary to balance their budget. Too busy having their hands outstretched or lining their own pockets to see the reality of financial demise.

  4. John Klatt Sr. says:

    This is not shocking, nor is the thought that MSNBCs 10 viewers believe him.

  5. rabbikeen says:

    Big Ed is a compete psychotic idiot….needs meds….

  6. manderso says:

    At least they replaced Birmingham, Alabama as the largest bankruptcy.

  7. Scott Knowles says:

    Joshua, the democrats put forward the loopholes, not that they were the cause. Things like excessive property taxes driving away businesses and families, excessively high public benefits pushed by democrats, poor education (you had a better chance at ending up in jail than graduating), and it goes on. Even if the auto industry had done well, it would only have put off this a few years. The republicans had only a whisper of an effect on this, and those would be RINOs, because this mess is not what happens from conservative actions.

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