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Video: Sharpton brags about organizing Zimmerman outrage

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Al Sharpton’s proud of himself.

He’s helped put the country through a week of turmoil over a jury’s verdict; he’s pushed himself to the forefront of national attention.

He’s even gotten the president of the United States to weigh in publicly on the George Zimmerman verdict – sans teleprompter – in an ostensibly impromptu speech to reporters that made national news throughout the weekend

alsharptonAnd yet, the Rev. Al remains unassuming.

As a guest on the network where he hosts his own evening talk show, Sharpton appeared Monday with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to modestly say his own piddling efforts to keep the Zimmerman case simmering weren’t aimed at the president – far from it – only at trying to change the laws of democratically elected legislatures throughout the land to a manner more suited to the Reverend’s liking.

When Melvin asked how it was that President Obama came to be pressured to making a statement on the Zimmerman acquittal, Sharpton responded basically, shucks, warn’t nothing but some democratic activism in action.

“I helped organize a lot of the outrage around this,” Sharpton said. “None of it was focused on pushing the president. It was pushing legislation and pushing the criminal justice system.”

And if that means pushing the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, to put an innocent man through another legal gauntlet, well, the Rev. Al is down with that too.

“We did not need the president to pre-empt the Justice Department,” Sharpton said.

In fact, it might even be counterproductive, he said.

Given the president’s involvement, Sharpton said, some people might think a continued Justice Department investigation of Zimmerman is based on “politics.”

Who in the world would think that? And why?

Check out the Rev. here.


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