Ted Cruz puts liberal-biased interviewer in his place

Ted-CruzU.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, seen as a contender for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, sat down Sunday with reporter Jonathon Karl on ABC’sThis Week.”

Throughout the interview, Cruz proved that he is more than ready for any challenge the media can throw at him.

The shooting in Newtown, Conn., came up as Cruz said the president used the tragedy to push an “anti-gun agenda” and Karl asked if Obama was “exploiting” the tragedy.

“I think he had a political agenda, which was to restrict the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms of law abiding citizens,” Cruz said. “They took advantage of that horrible, tragic shooting to push that agenda, and they didn’t focus actually on solving the problem.”

While ignoring how rigid Obama and the Democratic Party have been on most issues, Karl seized the opportunity to call Cruz out on his verbiage, “You have Republicans that wouldn’t do anything with President Obama. I mean, Obama’s kind of like, you know, he’s enemy number one, he’s the villain.”

“How do we get anywhere if you’ve got Republicans that won’t even talk about a deal with the president on something like the debt?” he asked.

Cruz quickly responded:

“I actually don’t agree with the premise of that. I don’t consider President Obama enemy number one. I think he is someone who believes passionately in his principles. And I respect him for that.

Not content with the answer, Karl challenged him, “You just said he was exploiting the Newtown shooting.”.

“Actually, you used the word ‘exploiting,’” Cruz responded. “I think the policies he was advancing were wrong and were dangerous. The point I was finishing is I admire and respect him in that he fights for his principles. But I think his principles are profoundly dangerous.”

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


16 thoughts on “Ted Cruz puts liberal-biased interviewer in his place

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like Cruz outsmarted him…which generally isn’t very hard to do, but Sen. Cruz did it masterfully.

  2. lars1701c says:

    The MSM will desperately try to ruin this man in the coming years, they can’t accuse him of being stupid since he is a very accomplished lawyer and a much better speaker then most of the Dems out there. You will see every misspoken word or phrase blown out of proportion.

    1. CapeLady says:

      He attended the same Ivy League schools that they did… so they can’t insult his intelligence – besides, Alan Dershowitz (not a conservative) said that Ted Cruz was one of the most brilliant students he ever had. You do not want to get into a battle of words or logic with Ted Cruz, you will lose – and he is fearless! The left will try and demonize him… that’s all they’ve got. He will not allow the left (or the RINOs) to define him the way Romney did – you can count on that!

      1. lars1701c says:

        Yes like I said they will twist his words, I hope he is up to the challenge

      2. Droidzilla says:

        George W Bush was a Yale man. Yes, they can still insult the intelligence of someone who attended one of their vaunted Ivy League colleges.

        1. CapeLady says:

          Yes, but George W. didn’t always speak very intelligently so he opened himself up to criticism… that cannot be said of Ted Cruz!

          1. Droidzilla says:

            That’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that they will call his intelligence into question. They’ll attack on all fronts until something sticks. The real question is: why do the American people still care what the MSM thinks? Why did we allow them to crucify Palin and Huckabee for not being part of the political elite? The sooner we collectively ignore the pundits in the liberal established media the sooner we can actually start electing real, viable Conservatives.

  3. tx2stpr says:

    And we thought Sarah Palin was demonized…just wait for the Cruz fiasco.

    1. CapeLady says:

      Sarah Palin was under John McCain’s control and she could not respond the way she wanted to. That is not true of Ted Cruz – and he won’t allow anyone to define him!

  4. huh_monkey says:

    Cruz is a gift verbal jouster. It’s why he was such a good prosecutor. His ability to turn any interviewers attempt to push a narrative back on them. Reporters will eventual refuse to interview him out of fear of looking like an idiot like this guy.

  5. Charles Ramsay says:

    It has been a long time and I am well pleased with someone I actually had the chance to vote and elect

  6. bearone7777 says:

    This is a “MORON” from ABC, and they are all head and heels just as in love with their dear LEADER as NBC is. To thses “MORONS” Obama?? Has done, nor will he ever do anything wrong. Funny there is no evidence he has done anything right as well.

  7. HongryHawg says:

    Ted Cruz is destined for big things. Unfortunately, POTUS isn’t one of them. He is not a natural born citizen, according to the Constitution. We cannot lower the bar for him. And he knows his need
    for eligibility cannot stand the test of law. I wish it was otherwise. I
    would be among his biggest supporters. But we cannot be hypocritical
    when it comes to the issue of eligibility when we have the most
    ineligible sack of bones in our nation’s history pretending he is
    eligible when he and so many others know he is not. But don’t misread
    me. So far, I dig every word that comes out of Ted Cruz’s mouth, even
    knowing he is a politician; the lowest of the low.

    1. Conservative In Libtard Austin says:

      That may be true, but he can still be President of the Republic of Texas.

    2. Markus Streich says:

      That didn’t stop Obama.

      1. HongryHawg says:

        It would have if obama had been Republican. He wouldn’t have had 99% of the media not reporting on his ineligibility.

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