Dana Perino: Where’s Obama speech on blacks shooting white babies?


Former Bush press secretary Dana Perino questioned President Obama’s motives for speaking out Friday on Trayvon Martin’s death.

In a weekend appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Perino asked why the president would choose to speak about that incident, but not about the death of a white Georgia baby shot during a robbery attempt by two black teens.

“When a president speaks, it’s to multiple audiences,” Perino said. “So from the prism of self-defense, when you think of a young mother whose 2-year-old son was shot in the face by the two black teens who approached her in Atlanta, and that baby has died, why do presidents choose to speak about one case and not the other? That’s why it’s better maybe not to talk about any of them. They chose to talk about this one.”

“I do think that the president is signaling: We’re going to have to move on, good luck on Stand Your Ground,” Perino said.

Former Obama advisor Van Jones offered his view of the controversial law.

“The Stand Your Ground situation is very, very problematic,” Jones said. “You have Marissa Alexander, that’s the next big case. She’s the African American woman who tried to stand her ground against her abusive husband. She fired a bullet into the ceiling, she gets 20 years in jail for firing a shot in the ceiling, whereas somebody who fires a shot into a teenager is still walking the streets a free person.”

Watch the exchange here via Raw Story.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


25 thoughts on “Dana Perino: Where’s Obama speech on blacks shooting white babies?

  1. Gammi2Anna says:

    I would be interested to know why none of the MSM networks have done a thorough investigation of all the facts of this case? Dana Perino ask the question on this show of why the president did not address the murder of a baby in GA by 2 black teens who were attempting to rob the mother. No one on your panel acknowledged the facts of that case or had an answer as to why the president or media have not given this babies death one ounce of concern. Why has no media outlet interviewed the 2 police officers who were fired during the Martin/Zimmerman investigation? Is it because the story will no longer carry the same impact if it becomes known that Martin was not the choir boy you have all made him out to be, that the toxicology report was positive for marijuana or that the autopsy showed that there was liver damage, consistent with DXM abuse? Why did no one post Martins facebook photo or the text messages retrieved by one of the fired officers of how he was looking for 5 guys to beat up? Martin was also trespassing because he did not live in the gated community and had jumped a back wall to enter the grounds. So I must ask, what would be a better lead story? The killing of an innocent black teen by a white racist or the unfortunate incident of a community watch officer being forced to shoot a young man that was trespassing, who chose to attack the officer? We all know the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ qualifier used by the media. It has become more common now for the media to create the ‘bleeding’ in order to create a ‘sensational lead’ and that to me is unprofessional and unacceptable. It also shows a racial and political bias practiced by the media, all in the chase for ratings.

    1. Deacon_Sam1 says:

      How he was looking for 5 guys to beat up? I didn’t hear of that one.

      1. Gammi2Anna says:

        Actually, I believe Rachel Jeantel, the prosecutions ‘star witness’, mentioned it in her testimony as she was describing her texting with Martin. The defense follow-up was shut down by the judge who sustained the prosecutors objection, since this was some of the disallowed information that one of the fired officers had retrieved from Trayvon’s phone. The officer was fired because he insisted his findings should be submitted as evidence. The prosecutor’s office decided to suppress the evidence and fired this officer and the police chief, who told them that they did not have enough evidence to support bringing charges against Zimmerman. The state was forced by Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP, NBPP, and AG Eric Holder to bring the charge of second degree murder.

  2. Grant Ritchie says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Dana. I sent the email below to Mr. Obama this weekend…

    Mr. President:

    So, 35 years ago Trayvon Martin could have been you? Were you a thug, too? Did you attack people for no “crime” other than following you? If you did, then yes, I guess you could have been Trayvon Martin.

    “Justice for Trayvon”? I’d say Trayvon got his justice when he was shot while attacking George Zimmerman. Now… how about a shout-out for Antonio West. Antonio was a 13-month-old who was shot in the face by African-American teenagers DeMarquise Elkins and Dominique Lang while they were robbing his mother. How about ” Justice for Antonio”, or could DeMarquise and Dominique have been you, too?

    Here’s the White House link if you want to write him yourself…


    1. Deacon_Sam1 says:

      At least African-American teenagers DeMarquise Elkins and Dominique Lang will be going to jail for the rest of their lives for shooting that baby.

      1. merrywriter says:

        I live in Brunswick, we are ready for a legal public hanging after their trial. The sound of the crack of a neck and shaking of the feet might be a derrent to other thugs.

    2. shaunthebrummie says:

      he was still in kenya…..wasn’t he…

  3. seazen says:

    The depth of disgusting racism that penetrates these comments is terrifying. As the President pointed out, it is apparent across the spectrum of our legal, social, and community structures. Too many people derive some sick sense of personal pride in declaring that they are better than those who are black, that they hold a superior position as individuals because they are white and that those of color just aren’t as wonderful as they are. Pathetic.

    1. shaunthebrummie says:

      have a look at black society in africa…incapable of becoming civilised.they are from the jungle..they should return to the jungle…where were black protests about channon christian and christopher newsome(another story with held so as not to impair obama’s election)..or ann pressly..eve carson..lauren burke..emily haddock..megan boken……the answer nowhere because blacks are animals…and should be made to live amongst themselves..where they can kill each other in as bigger numbers as they want…crimes in non blacck areas would fall dramatically…to get this vote on racial lines….but definitely not for white liberals…or black conservatives…just pro white conservatives……

      1. seazen says:

        you have to be playing the fool here! nice!

    2. Darrel Winchell says:

      Well the black race has wrote the book on being pathetic. Anytime things don’t go their way they are being victimized by the same old white favored establishment of the 1850 s.You people are above & beyond pathetic. And if you people are so equal where is your positive contribution to society? Answer nothing. The only thing you people contribute is death,destruction,despair,misery and whining how your still being mistreated by the whites. I have the solution to yours & our problems : get your black a–es back to your HOMELAND OF AFRICA. That way when you want to kill someone its pretty much open season for you. And you wont have to look at a white person and feel inferior and want to kill them because they exist.

  4. francis says:

    Impeachments and High Treasons now

  5. merrywriter says:

    I live in the Brunswick area, we are ready for a legal public hanging over the shooting of Antonio Santiago. It might be a deterrent because there is no deterrent to these kids. Sharpton was fairly close to Brunswick because of Martin. Even though he is a media whore, he would never be publically outraged about an egregious crime like this because it is black on white crime. It doesn’t serve either his or the media’s purposes when it doesn’t stir up “poor black boy” syndrome. And if you notice there is no moniker such as “poor white boy” syndrome. It is cases such as both Martin and Santiago that keep inappropriate race feelings stirred up – all to the good of media ratings.

  6. phillyfanatic says:

    Well Van Jones is a socialist agitator so his views are already a priori anti-American. Perino makes the point Shelby Steele and other smart black leaders are making about the horrors of black communities with soc, eco,gang, drugs, guns ,murder problems that they themselves help make worse. Hannity on Fri had a fire eating program with both black, white, Hispanic libs and conservs dealing with just such issues. At least one could see many sides to the race problems that by now should be better since the black community thought OJ was innocent by 86% And then today, I saw a poll where,,,,86% of blacks thought the Zim trial had the wrong outcome. Yikes. Nothing seems to change in the black mindset.

  7. Donovan Avery says:

    What is she talking about, she would have a valid point if the two teens that killed the baby got away with it but even then its not like the racially profiled the baby and decided it was a suspect. It was just two knuckle-heads being dumb. I swear people will find a problem in anything the president does. I mean if he is the president why wouldn’t he talk about the biggest thing going on in america right now?

    1. Nicholas says:

      You are fucking stupid if you think the Zimmerman trial is the biggest thing going on in America.

      1. Donovan Avery says:

        Some idiots started trying to start riots and this could have been a repeat of the 90’s when people would start doing hate crimes against whites so yea, besides Detroit this was pretty much the biggest thing that needed to be addressed at the time. But hey I can see how watching fox news all day can dim your view on the world.

    2. Larry Wallace says:

      The President is NOT speaking of the main problems in America.

      1. Donovan Avery says:

        He spoke for the main problem for African Americans in the sense they are racially profiled everyday like the rest of the “minorities”. Just because its not a problem for you doesn’t mean people aren’t going through it everyday. Thats like me saying the crisis in Detroit doesn’t matter just because I don’t live there. You should just stay in your lane and not comment on things you know nothing about.

        1. Larry Wallace says:

          Obama does not speak of what we should doing, to help all americans.

  8. Jerry says:

    YoBama was right about if Tragoon Martin was white the trials outcome would be different. The difference is that there never would have been a trial.

  9. Willys36 says:

    Van Jones continues to prove he is dumber than a cedar post.

  10. Willys36 says:

    Incidentally Hussein says Travon was him 25 years ago. So Hussein was in the habit as a teen of attacking and savagely beating people he was suspicious of without asking them about their intentions first?

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