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Hardball guest demonizes ‘vitriolic’ Republicans for position on verdict

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MSNBC contributor Joy Reid claimed that the reaction from the right following the George Zimmerman verdict has been vitriolic and condemned its absence of “basic human sympathy” for the Martin family.”

She continued:

On this issue, what I have heard is absolute vitriol toward Trayvon Martin and his family, and embracing of George Zimmerman as some sort of folk hero on the far right. I haven’t seen any responsible voices in the Republican party saying that’s a bad idea, and not even any basic human sympathy for the family of Trayvon Martin.

Perhaps Reid hasn’t been keeping up with current events. Let’s bring her up to speed. Since the Zimmerman verdict:

Jesse Jackson called for a boycott of Florida as an “apartheid state.” and the Congressional Black Caucus members would support Florida boycott.

Al sharpton called Zimmerman acquittal an “atrocity,” and organized a 100-city “justice for Trayvon” to keep passions at their peak.

Rather than calling upon the American people to accept the Zimmerman verdict and move on, President Obama chose to ramp up racial dic=vide and blamed the entire incident on racial profiling.

A Winter Park, Fla. woman whose phone number is similar to Zimmerman’s, is getting Zimmerman death threats.

Hannity’s in-studio panel exploded over ‘white woman’ Monica Crowley’s honesty.

Yet the right is vitriolic. Watch the MSNBC video.

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