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Facebook page dedicated to save cop who released bomber photos

photo collage Boston victims
Photo collage of what millions believe should have been the cover of Rolling Stone – the four victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Photo Credit: Facebook

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The police photographer facing firing for releasing photos of the Boston bomber to counter the controversial Rolling Stone Magazine cover had a new Facebook page dedicated to him in a show of support.

The New York Post interviewed the woman, Lisa, who started the page, “Save Sgt. Sean Murphy,” after he was relieved of duty for releasing bloody photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to counter the glamour shot photo of the terrorist on the cover of Rolling Stone.

“It just hit me very hard that this poor guy, Sgt. Murphy, is getting reprimanded and could lose his job,” Lisa told The Post. “I couldn’t stand seeing the picture of this slime bucket who hurt so many people — I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of it.”

Murphy released some 100 photos of Tsarnaev from the night of his arrest in protest over the magazine cover. He now faces discipline from suspension to termination, the article said.

The page has almost 24,000 “Likes” from people who consider Murphy a hero for showing the true face of the terrorist who killed four people, including a police officer, at the Boston Marathon.

“It’s worth the fight to me,” Lisa said. “At least I can sleep at night knowing I tried.”

She told the paper of the type of support she is seeing from comments on the page:

“I’m getting support from England, from retired law enforcement, and confidentially from the State Police,” she said. “I’m getting a lot of state police who are telling me, ‘We’re not saying he shouldn’t be reprimanded, but he shouldn’t lose his job.'”

“I’m getting people wanting to support his family or give him a job if he is fired, people offering free legal counsel,” Lisa said, adding that the site is not accepting donations at this point, pending the outcome of next week’s hearing.

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