Delusional MSNBC host says Detroit failed due to small government

Far-left MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry opines that Detroit’s downfall was the result of government not being big enough. As it turns out, Detroit has been run by big government and unions for the last 50 years.

As the following graph indicates, Detroit has 1 city employee for every 55 residents. Similarly sized San Jose, Calif., has one for every 158 residents.


Watch the video below.


4 thoughts on “Delusional MSNBC host says Detroit failed due to small government

  1. Ann Cartwright Argila says:

    Pseudointellectual FAIL!

  2. jumara says:

    now you know why sh was would you like to have yur riends say to you.isaw your daughter on tv last night.what a joke.

  3. lars1701c says:

    God i hate that scrunt, how someone can be so wrong so often and still draw a paycheck from any private business is beyond me.

  4. Ted Paine says:

    Melissa needs to stick those Tampon earrings IN her ears-it’ll suck out the stupidity from her brain.

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