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Terrorists swarm to Afghanistan to battle US in final year

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U.S. and Afghan forces are seeing more foreign Taliban fighters than usual entering Afghanistan for the final year of combat before the U.S. withdrawal of troops in 2014.

While the Obama administration wavers on the “zero option” – pulling out all forces and leaving none behind after 2014 – terrorist groups from Pakistan and elsewhere aren’t waiting for the U.S. to leave and are calling on “every house, every family” to send fighters to Afghanistan in its push to “take back” the country, The Hill reported Afghan army commanders said.

“’The madrassas are emptying’ in Pakistan,” Lt. Col. David Hamann of the American Security Force Assistance Advisory Team told The Hill.

Afghan army Lt. Col. Mohammed Ebrahim said that the number of foreign fighters in the country “now outnumbers” the number of Afghan Taliban.

“Pakistani militants in North and South Waziristan are ordering every family in those regions to send all fighting-age males into Afghanistan,” the article said.

U.S. and Afghan troops are already seeing more combat due to the influx of foreign fighters.

According to The Hill’s report:

The strategic importance of the [Khost-Gardez Pass], combined with the push of non-Afghan fighters in the area has resulted in heavy fighting in and around the critical pass.

Early Tuesday, an American soldier was killed and three others were wounded after insurgents fired multiple recoilless rifle rounds at U.S. forces conducting security operations outside Combat Outpost Chamkani.

Three other American service members wounded in Tuesday’s attack, one critically, are in stable condition.

Afghan troops have also suffered a staggering casualty rate since taking the lead for security operations in the country last month.

President Obama announced the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014, but the influx of Taliban terrorists shows our military will have a long, brutal fight in the next year.

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