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Hannity’s in-studio panel explodes over ‘white woman’ Crowley’s honesty

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In an explosive episode of Hannity aired on Friday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity featured a diverse in-studio panel of talented personalities to discuss race relations and even at this level of discourse, the conversation often deteriorated into mayhem.

There have been many calls for just such a discussion in the aftermath of George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin, with those looking to exploit the case for political gain being the first to make such a request.

The problem with having the conversation is that the race hustler’s on the left only want one point of view being heard. Particularly so if you happen to be a white woman. Just ask Fox News’ Monica Crowley.

Crowley made the mistake of being too honest for her own good when she spoke of “black leaders running a cult of victim-hood that has the intended consequence of keeping the black community down.”

The panel literally exploded, with conservative David Webb quickly coming to her defense. In the process, he blasted panel member Jehmu Greene calling her a race-baiter.

In the words of The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Holt, who captured the moment on the video below, “this was wild.”

The episode in its entirety can be seen here –

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