Atheist group protests Star of David for Holocaust memorial

That Star of David thing is way too Jewish.

That’s basically the message of an atheist group objecting to the design of a Holocaust memorial proposed for the Statehouse grounds in Columbus, Ohio.

starofdavidThe memorial’s fine. The Holocaust was a terrible thing.

But a Star of David? Let’s think about something else.

“Permitting one permanent sectarian and exclusionary religious symbol…would create the legal precedent, for instance, to place an equally large or larger permanent Latin cross on Capitol grounds,” wrote Don Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-presidents of the Madison, Wisc.-based Freedom from Religion Foundation to the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.

Besides that knotty precedent stuff, the pair also said including the Star of David would imply the exclusion of the estimated 5 million non-Jews killed in the Holocaust, including Roma Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, and others.

Fortunately, a state commission overcame the qualms of exclusion to approve a design for the memorial that included the six-pointed star that Jews were forced to wear, but it did so over the objections – and dissenting vote – of its chairman, who thought the atheists might have grounds for a lawsuit, according to the Columbus Post Dispatch.

Not to worry, the memorial specifically mentions those victims of Nazi mass murder who weren’t Jews – who just happened to be loathed as much as Jews were that they were forced to share their fate.

It states, in part, it is “In remembrance of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust and millions more including prisoners of war, ethnic and religious minorities, homosexuals, the mentally ill, the disabled and political dissidents who suffered under Nazi Germany.”

God forbid anyone feel excluded.

Even from the Holocaust.

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Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


4 thoughts on “Atheist group protests Star of David for Holocaust memorial

  1. cadgbd says:

    The Nazis were homosexualists. Read “The Pink Swastika”

    Read it and understand it. The homosexualists hate Jews and Christians and Roma Gypsies because they proscribe homosexuality.

    Note that the Muslims are also an Abrahamic religion (like Judaism and Christianity), yet they zealously allied with the Nazis. The reason is the Islamic DEFINITION of homosexuality. The Islamic definition is that only the receiver (the one who is penetrated) is a homosexual. The one who penetrates is not.;wap2

    It is a perversion of truth to claim that homosexuals were persecuted by the Nazis.

    There were two opposing camps of gays in Nazi Germany: The Butches and the Femes. There was an incident called “The Night of Long Knives”when one group of homos attacked the others. Read “The Pink Swastika. Know it and understand it finally once and for all.

  2. cadgbd says:

    There is an underclass of satanist vampires who demand their civil right to teach blood sucking in public school. You would be despicable and evil to tread upon their civil rights

  3. cadgbd says:

    Homosexuals were NOT persecuted by the Nazis. The Nazis are homosexuals. Read “The Pink Swastika”

    Also make note that this fact is being censored by this blog. How interesting.

  4. cadgbd says:

    The Islamic definition of homosexuality is that it is good to “give”, not to “receive”. That is why they allied with the Nazis and hate all peoples that proscribe homosexuality.;wap2

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