Actor James Woods fires off unpleasant tweets to Obama

james-woodsIt sounds as though little has happened to change to mind of James Woods, who told The Hill in October that he’d be casting his vote for Mitt Romney. President Barack Obama’s unannounced racial profiling address Friday prompted the multiple-Emmy winning actor let loose a series of humorous and uncomplimentary tweets.

The president indicated in the speech that before becoming a senator, he himself was a victim of racial profiling, and sometimes heard the sound of locks clicking on car doors as he walked by.

Woods wasn’t going to let the president get away with this one. He tweeted:

Woods tweet 1

Before his “door-lock” tweet, he shared other observations as they relate to the nation’s youth:

Woods tweet 2

Woods Tweet 3

He reserved his parting shots to make some rather pointed statements on race relations — what has worked in the past, and how to improve them:

Woods tweet 4

Woods tweet 5

It’s good to see conservatism isn’t yet dead in Tinseltown. Close, but not quite.

H/T Twitchy.

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