Watch: Hoodie-wearing congressman’s incoherent rant on racial profiling


Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa and Bobby Rush, D-Ill., appeared on the Sean Hannity Show Thursday night to debate the Zimmerman verdict, where Rush was unable to defend remarks he’d made that Trayvon Martin was a victim of racial profiling.

Shortly after the shooting, Rush appeared on the House floor and removed his suit jacket to reveal a hoodie underneath. As he pulled the hood over his head, he proclaimed, “Just because someone wears a hoodie, does not make them a hoodlum.” Shortly afterwards he was escorted out of the chamber.

When the question of profiling was directed to Rush, the former Black Panther gave a rambling, sometimes incoherent reply, emphasizing that Martin wore a hoodie and had “a snack and a soft drink in his hands — and he’s dead,” according to the video.

When Hannity pointed out that an eyewitness testified that Martin was “pounding this guy’s head into the cement” of a “ while straddling Zimmerman, resulting in a broken nose and other head injuries, Rush said that “racial profiling exists in this nation, [and] that there are literally thousands of cases of racial profiling.”

He was unable to show evidence of profiling in this case, however.

The question of profiling was then directed at King.

“Well, I think there’s been a lot here that’s been ginned up here that’s been focused on race,” he replied. “And they held a faux hearing that focused on race back about a year ago, I’d guess, trying to gin up prosecution on this. I’d point out I know of no federal law against profiling. It needs to be a component of good police work.”

Moving to specifics, King continued, “The argument has been to constantly to try to find a little thread of whatever George Zimmerman said or thought in his life that could be used against him in this prosecution.

“You can’t be punishing someone for what goes on in his head. You can punish the overt act — you can’t punish the thought,” he said, adding that this was a local law enforcement issue, not something for congressional debate.

“Steve, Steve,” Rush interjected. “That is one of the problems — you cannot — alright, racial profiling is something that will not — and the evidence, have to be given kind of evidence.”

The interview continued in much the same vein, with King’s point’s interspersed by Rush’s incoherent sentences.

Watch the video from Fox News.

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12 thoughts on “Watch: Hoodie-wearing congressman’s incoherent rant on racial profiling

  1. copperpeony says:

    Dog and pony show. Circus by old racist blowhards who love to take the blacks back to the days of slavery. They should all go back to Africa and complain to the Muslims who sold them to the highest bidder.

  2. jim mckinnis says:

    This Illinois congressman is brain-dead, senile and illogical–otherwise don’t bother him with facts

    1. Peggy Woods says:

      He’s from Illinois, no further explanation needed. He’s also a former Black Panther and Democrat, so all Conservatives are rich, white racists in his view

  3. dianneb says:

    Out of his own mouth..Nobody knows what happened….Oh wait no one but him and his other race baiters!!

    He doesn’t know what was in Treyvon Martins head or Zimmerman….Does He?

    As usual no one can speak but them.
    Racial profiling sounds like he is doing that and yes racial profiling is on all side (Black, Brown, White, Purple Green)

    1. dianneb says:

      If it was black on black no problem….if they cared so much for their own race then maybe they should find ways to stop them from murdering each other and not spend so much time on trying to divide and make things more difficult for All Americans (White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Red or Green)! For it was
      also Martin Luther King who sought justice through love and peace
      saying, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
      Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

  4. Ted Fiorito says:

    Does the President or Rush know the names of murdered Black teens in Chicago by other Black males? Statistically Rush is more likely than a Hispanic or White to murder a Black teen!

  5. PTripp says:

    I think Rep. Rush took too many meds…. It truly amazes me that someone like this can be elected to Congress when they can’t compose a single coherent sentence.

  6. Katie RN says:

    It would almost be funny if it were not so pathetic. Poor man looks and sounds like he needs a long rest.

  7. Francine Hayes says:

    Is Bobby Rush, D-Ill., ‘on’ something??? He talks as if his mouth is full of mush. He can’t speak coherently. What’s up with that???

  8. Mike Gonzalez says:


  9. Rjk says:

    Black on black murders are 20 to 30 a month , isn’t
    that a bigger problem than the Zimmerman case.

    Or that 4 blacks jumped and then killed a marine
    for no reason .

    Or a black man shot a 17 year old boy for fun .

    Wake up assholes !!

  10. art says:

    your friends should be appalled by knowing you

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