Trayvon protesters descend upon mayor’s home

Pittsburgh protest
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The progressive left in this country, with a heavy assist from the national media, are working hard to exploit the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial for political gain.

But did they go too far in Pittsburgh when activists descended upon the mayor’s home?

With a mid-term election next year and black voter turnout critical to any hopes of regaining control of the House, there is a lot at stake.

Mimicking what is happening in Florida, activists in the Steel City set upon the mayor’s office Wednesday with a list of demands to end to “the criminalization of black people, black bodies and the black community,” as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

And, just as in Florida, the group is targeting that state’s version of the Stand Your Ground law, demanding that it be denounced by city resolution.

After being denied entry into the mayor’s office, the protesters began a “sit-in” until the mayor responded to their demands, eventually sleeping overnight in a hall outside the office, according to local blog Pittsburgh City Paper.

Lacking the resolve of their brethren in the Sunshine State, who’ve “occupied” the governor’s office there since Tuesday, the group pulled up stakes at 6:00 a.m. Thursday morning and in the best traditions of organized labor, set their sites on the mayor’s home.

They arrived bright and early, knocking on his door. The mayor was reported to be home, but did not answer. The activists taped a notice on his door that read “black bodies are precious,” and planted protest signs with individual demands across his property, the local CBS affiliate reported.

In the end, it’s actions such as this that may result in a turning of the tide in the country on this issue.

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