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Obama’s group plans August war on ‘climate deniers,’ ‘Obamacare liars’

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Emails have recently surfaced revealing that a game is afoot to ram legislation that the public cares little about down its throat, while ignoring the “bread and butter” issues having the greatest concern.

Taking a cue from the tea party movement, who’s members assailed members of Congress at town hall meetings, the president’s non-profit advocacy group, Organizing for Action, plans a similar assault on those lawmakers who show little or no interest in the president’s agenda. They plan to target them during the congressional August recess on such issues as abortion, health care, immigration reform and global warming, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Their recess is our opportunity to speak with our elected officials directly about the issues we care about,” the Examiner quoted from an OFA email. They plan to do so by labeling them as “climate deniers” and “Obamacare liars.”

In addition to hitting the lawmakers, OFA has scheduled a series of nationwide days “of Action” events, including:

– August 4th: Obamacare Day of Action.
– August 5th: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Day of Action.
– August 13th: Climate Change Day of Action.
– August 21st: Gun Violence Prevention Day of Action.
– August 31st: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Day of Action.

In a June 22 New York Times editorial, Ross Douthat observed the disconnection between the Obama administration’s priorities and those of the American people. While the public is concerned about jobs and the economy, the White House pushes climate change, abortion, immigration reform and gun control — issues that have a place at the bottom of the public’s list according to a January Pew Research Center survey.

Although health care is an issue that Americans have expressed an interest in, Obamacare is becoming less popular by the day. Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, one of the legislation’s architects and most enthusiastic supporters referred to it as a “train wreck coming” in April, and its delays announced and waivers granted confirm that assessment.

The Obama administration’s agenda is much like the first lady’s school lunch policy — no one finds it palatable. But instead of adjusting the menu, the White House keeps feeding us more of the same with the expectation that we’ll somehow grow to love it eventually.

We don’t and we won’t.


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