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Jesse Jackson: Boycott Florida as an ‘apartheid state’

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Still blathering on about the Travyon Martin case and Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared Thursday on CNN to call for a boycott of Florida.

“As the heat keeps rising on this crisis, Trayvon is a symbol of a deeper malady,” Jackson said. “It’s Trayvon in Florida, it’s Oscar Grant in, you know, Oakland, it’s Diallo in New York … At some point the president must offer the moral leadership he has to offer.”

While Jackson and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder keep the spotlight on Florida’s self-defense law, neither has mentioned that nearly two dozen other states have similar laws, according to the Washington Post.

“No doubt, the inclination is to boycott Florida, to stop conventions, to isolate Florida as a kind of apartheid state given this whole Stand Your Ground law,” Jackson said. “Homicides against blacks have tripled since this law has been in existence.”

Watch his comments via Breitbart here.

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