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Surprise! 4-year-old gets marijuana pipe for kid’s meal toy

Photo Credit USAToday.com

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A Burger King in Michigan gave a whole new meaning to the term “Happy Meal” on Tuesday when a family found a marijuana pipe inside their 4-year-old’s kid’s meal, rather than the expected toy.

After a visit to the Splash Universe water park in Dundee, Mich., the family stopped at a local Burger King to get food for the youngster, as reported by the local NBC affiliate. Fortunately, the pipe was discovered by the family before the boy got to it. Police were immediately notified.

So how did a marijuana pipe get into a kid’s meal?

Police say that a 23-year-old employee put the pipe in the box in order to hide it while he worked and he didn’t mean to give it away, according to NBC25. The employee was arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

A report that supports the theory that marijuana users, while in the intoxicated state, often experience difficulty with thinking, problem solving and short-term memory, along with altered sensory experiences.

Tom Tillison


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